About me

I’m a Software Developer and Software Engineering student graduate based in Izmir, Turkey Berlin, Germany.

I consider myself a passionate developer. Actually, not just about software development, I’m passionate about everything I like to do. Years ago, when I was a secondary school kid, I was really passionate riddle solver until owners of my favorite riddle game shut down the website. That passion led me to create my own browser-based riddle game and so I started programming.

Here is my personal area to share generally technical things. If you think that I’m wrong about something or you have better solution than mine, you are free to comment with any wording you want. I don’t care how rude or disrespectful you are as long as you are right and teach me something I don’t know.

Like I said, here is my personal area and having the title “mostly java stuff” doesn’t mean that I will write only technical things. You shouldn’t be surprised if I write something to criticize people who watch only American movies & tv series or if I criticize people who don’t like poem or if I write something about god. ;)

Sedat Gokcen